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Stratasure by Advantage is designed to meet all the insurances needs for your Condominium and Apartment complexes. Stratasure provides cover for the following:

  • Buildings and structures
  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Compensation to your employees and third parties for any Legal Liabilities you may incur
  • Robbery/Hold Up losses Advantage is designed to meet the insurance needs of your townhouse and apartment complexes that are occupied as private dwellings. It provides coverage for buildings and other structures against major perils, including Fire, Hurricane, Earthquake, Windstorm, Flood and coverage for landscaping, debris removal and even loss of maintenance fees. This comprehensive package includes coverage for the legal liabilites of the management committee, directors and officers and your legal liability for damage or injury to third parties and employees, burglary and employee dishonesty.

If you manage a Strata complex, look no further; Stratasure…by Advantage is the ideal policy for you!

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