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Personal Accident

Have you thought how you and your family would manage financially if you suffered an accident and were admitted to hospital, or worse, left permanently and totally disabled? Advantage General Insurance Company has the perfect solution for you - Advantage Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

With this policy, you could receive valuable financial help at what would be a very difficult time. If you miss work because of an accident, Advantage Personal Accident Policy provides:

  • A weekly salary for a maximum of 52 weeks for temporary partial dismemberment
  • A weekly salary for a maximum of 104 weeks for total temporary disablement
  • Medical expense reimbursement
  • The capital sum in the event of total disablement or death

If you die from any type of accident, it will pay your beneficiary(ies) a predetermined amount of money. This is similar to life insurance, however it does not cover as wide an array of circumstances. If you die from an illness or disease, you will not be covered by an accidental death policy. However, if you died in a car crash or a fall, this type of policy would cover you.

Get Advantage Personal Accident Policy coverage today! The process is hassle free; no medical is required and you determine your own level of benefit.

At Advantage general Insurance Company, our reliability is your peace of mind!

*Conditions apply.

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